About Karavali Group of Colleges

Karavali Group of Colleges, which made an impressive entry in to the field of professional education in the year 1996 by introducing the first university affiliated design course in India. Since then it has registered trailblazing track record of success. With a 100% continuous success rate in almost all its courses and With a 100% placement for students after completion of the courses, the college today attracts students from all over India and also from foreign countries like Uganda, Maldives, Dubai, Nepal Srilanka, Bangladesh, Kenya, Tibet, Iran, Sudan, Tanzania and Kuwait. A brainchild of its Founder Chairman and Eminent Educationist Mr. S Ganesh Rao, recipient of International Award in recognition of extraordinary services …

Today we live in an era when the world is opening its eyes to India. Even as India is fast emerging as a new economic superpower, Indian professionals are scaling the commanding heights of the global economy. High intellectual ability combined with strong academic background and capacity for hard work has made Indians the most sought after workforce all over the world.
Sound professional qualifications are the most important credentials required for today’s youth to succeeed in this scenario. Getting the right education is the first big step to launch into a rewarding career. Fields like Information technology, Computer Science, Electronics and Communication, Electrical and Electronics, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Interior Design, Fashion Design, Nursing, Pharnmacy, Hospitality Science, Hotel Management, Computer Applications, Business management, Education and Social Work are career avenues having a bright future.
These fields, which already enjoy distinction in the developed countries, are gaining prominence in the developing countries too and there is an acute shortage for qualified manpower. Young people with talent and the required qualifications can easily find lucrative career openings in these sectors.
Karavali Colleges provide highly innovative skill oriented university affiliated courses which empower the new generation to get the right career break in these fields. The institutions not only provide students with quality education but also groom them to face life with confidence. Excellence in education is the driving principle at Karavali Colleges. No effort is spared in providing students with a focused academic environment which nurtures complete development of personality.
The Man who sees Tomorrow…
There is no short cut to success. It is always the ordinary people who do extraordinary feats…
A dream gives birth to a vision which thoughtfully is realized by relentless perseverance, grit and determination. The saga of Karavali Group of Institutions is a perfect testimony to many an adages that we only hear but seldom see dreams turned into reality. It is also an example of how “One man can think of the future and transform those thoughts into reality for the present”.
The man who saw tomorrow and is applying for the moment is Shri. Ganesh Rao, a visionary whose futuristic thoughts complimented with enterprising skills and risk taking ability has gained him an enviable status among the educationists around the state, setting new benchmarks in all spheres that he ventures into.
Dynamism is his second name and enthusiasm his everlasting companion as recognitions and rewards frequents him in his journey of scaling greater heights every passing day.

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Building his temple of educational excellence, brick by brick, he conceives new ideas each moment and walks that extra mile to realize his dreams driven by personal charisma and leadership skills. The multi-disciplinary programmes offered by the group of institutions, today attracts students from all over the country and across the globe.
The rollercoaster ride of Mr. Ganesh Rao has not been a bed of roses. Struggling his way through with humility, dedication and social commitment, the seeds sown and nurtured with parental love, is now growing into a beautiful tree bearing the sweetest of fruits and spreading its reach far and wide.
But the man himself attributes his success to his unstinted efforts and commitment: “Having faced all hardships of life, I realised the importance of virtues like sincerity and hard work and did my utmost to inculcate them in my personal life.”
A maverick that he is, Mr. Ganesh Rao’s oratory skills can mesmerize even a rock hearted soul as he figures in the national, state and local print and electronic media award among many more are a testimony for a person who is born to rule. His success has also drawn immense media attention at the local, state and national level.
From a humble beginning in 1996 with the distinction of initiating the first University affiliated recognised design college in India established under G.R. Education Trust (R), the group of colleges are a testimony to the sincere yet professional approach of Mr. Ganesh Rao in his quest to provide quality education of international standards. The trust presently runs various courses in Engineering, Pharmacy, Nursing, Interior Design, Fashion Design, Hotel Management, Computer Applications, Management, Education, Social Work and Polytechnic Diploma . The 100 percent placement to its students clearly reveals the commitment of Mr. Ganesh Rao in achieving his objectives.
Four own elegant and spacious campus at Kottara Chowki, Vamanjoor, Neermarga & yelahanka banglore provides more promising career alternatives to the younger generation as Mr. Rao’s trailblazing track record is an inspiration to follow.
What makes a man is his ability to dream. The greater he becomes when his dreams turn into thought. He scales further heights when his thoughts are turned into action and finally the dream becomes a reality giving rise to yet another new dream. This aptly suits Mr. Gahesh Rao as he continues to inspire and influence people around him in his pursuit of giving back to the society by building a stronger and brighter tomorrow.